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brakes to be repaired...

MechanicsPosted by gduhem Sun, January 23, 2011 00:26:00

I discovered during this summer a "new" problem, not so new as this could be guessed by looking at the wheels and axles: a brake fluid leakage...

Something quite serious, as the brake fluid tank was completely empty.

I decided to translate the information about brakes in the user manual and service book. bought some parts (brake fluid DOT4, brake cups for master brake cylinder and wheel cylinders), all this to prepare the repair.

I found the parts from These can be seen on the "bought parts" pages.

Well, I (at last) put the car on 4 jack stands (useful for the care of the tyres), and to check.

to remove the parts was really easy. I didn't expect so.

the wheel cylinder is oily... Not really good...

but the upper brake cylinder seems in good shape:

but the friction lining is oily...

And the lower brake cylinder is really leaking...

The next step is to do the same for the other wheels. To be continued so...

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