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First Radio!!

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Fri, June 05, 2009 15:41:57

Some news for my Sugga!

With the help of the swedish site about military vehicles. I finaly found 2 omf 102 holders. These holders are usualy placed under the table in the rear compartment.

I asked Mats, who had these parts, if he had some radios too. He answered to me having Ra122 and Ra120. therefore I decided to buy one Ra 122.

As the transport to France is expensive and not really accurate for the radio, and as I was not in hurry for receiving the parts. Mats gave to me a nice idea, waiting for him coming to France for the D-Day Anniversary days.

He would come with others friends of him on american military vehicles.

I only would have to wait...

But it finally happened. On the beginning of june, we met, in an highway stop, after Rouen, on the 2nd of June, late in the evening. This was a nice, for Sylvie and I, to meet all these soldiers on the road to Colleville and Omaha Beach.

He gave to me the holders and this Ra 122 to be placed in my Sugga!

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