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Mt920 Fixation plate

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Mon, March 22, 2010 18:40:30

This is not the radio equipment I 'm speaking about, but the fixation mount in the middle of the front seats.

Laci Horvath, owner of a Sugga, of course, asked me to describe this plate. I made drawings and pictures, helpful to build one. See here under.

Drawings :

Example of pictures

Scanned radio data sheet on the plate :

If you're interested in, please ask by Email. The file in 75Mo.

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Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Mon, October 05, 2009 13:39:36

Following my meeting with Mats, I put and screwed all the devices (holder, transformer Omf102) and the Ra122 inside the radio compartment.

The results is here. Nice, isn't it?

The next step is to install the 40V voltmeter in the middle of the table...

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Mt920 Mount

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Sun, October 04, 2009 21:51:09

With the help of Jonas BEAUSANG, a Suggor owner (he has two cars), I have a Mt920 mount.

Thanks a lot for his help smiley, because this mount is really difficult to find. This part seems to be oftenly scrapped, considered to be unuseful if you don't want a Sugga looking as used in the Swedish Army.

Well, this is past now and I finally put it, with the Mt920 I bought from, inside my Sugga.

The next step will be to add a 12V battery because my Mt920 has to be supplied with 24V.

To be continued... smiley

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First Radio!!

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Fri, June 05, 2009 15:41:57

Some news for my Sugga!

With the help of the swedish site about military vehicles. I finaly found 2 omf 102 holders. These holders are usualy placed under the table in the rear compartment.

I asked Mats, who had these parts, if he had some radios too. He answered to me having Ra122 and Ra120. therefore I decided to buy one Ra 122.

As the transport to France is expensive and not really accurate for the radio, and as I was not in hurry for receiving the parts. Mats gave to me a nice idea, waiting for him coming to France for the D-Day Anniversary days.

He would come with others friends of him on american military vehicles.

I only would have to wait...

But it finally happened. On the beginning of june, we met, in an highway stop, after Rouen, on the 2nd of June, late in the evening. This was a nice, for Sylvie and I, to meet all these soldiers on the road to Colleville and Omaha Beach.

He gave to me the holders and this Ra 122 to be placed in my Sugga!

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Documents for Ra 200

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Mon, June 30, 2008 12:14:15

I have some documents I found on the internet.

Feel free to contact me if you need a copy or information about these.

Here is the list:

Description 1st part: Ra200 beskrivning del1

Pdf File: 0,9 Mb

Blog Image

Desciption 2nd part: Ra200 beskrivning del2

Pdf File: 3,2 Mb

Blog Image

Control command: Ra200 funktionskontroll

Pdf File: 0,1 Mb

Blog Image

Spare parts catalogue: Ra200 reservdelskatalog

Pdf File: 7,3 Mb

Blog Image

Electric description:

Pdf file: 0,2 Mb

Blog Image

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Document for Radioinstallation:

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Wed, June 11, 2008 20:20:09

I have some documents I found or bought from the internet.

Feel free to contact me if you need a copy or information about these.

Here is the list:

Description of the radioinstallation : “Radiosinstallationen i Radiopersonterrängbil 9151 och 9152 Beskrivning”

Pdf : 2,5 Mo

Blog Image

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Radio compartment

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Thu, June 05, 2008 22:12:08

The #590 has no radio, in the front and the rear compartments… Sad, but it wasn’t important. I was focused, as I explained, on a good looking condition.

Blog Image

Blog Image

But, as I look on other Suggas, mine has still its radio table (with the operators tables, some cables, black out panels (between the front and rear compartments, and on the windows), the safety belts and the lights.

Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog Image

Well, after few months, it seems a virus infected me, because I would like now to refurbish my Sugga as it was in use in the Swedish Army. And name it therefore Raptgbil 915, after a deep breath if you see what I mean…

Blog Image

Finding information about the radio equipment is not difficult. Here can be found some interesting links:

The first one is, the Morten’s site where a lot of nice info can be found.

On the following one,, there’s a section where the radio installation is described. This is interesting too, because it is a description of the radioinstallation as in the military book:

Blog Image

May be I forgot other sites, but I would add these if necessary.

I regret not to know the past of my Sugga. I would like to know how it was radio equipped. What kind of radios, … it’s not easy because as you see there’s a lot of antennas on my Sugga! 3 antennas. But 2 are missing: the “front” one (which is fastened on the right side of the radiator grill) and a one on the right side of the car, between the front door and the engine bay panel)

Blog Image

It took time for me to link the antennas and the type of radios it would have been in my Sugga. Reading the documents was the only thing to do… but in Swedish language, not easy… hopefully there are schemas!

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