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Rust, rust, rust...

BodyPosted by gduhem Sun, October 04, 2009 22:11:11

Sad faith for metal : to rust when it's not well maintained...

Few week-ends ago I took pictures of the body of my Sugga. Painful for me smiley, but necessary for the project to repair it! smiley

I made a small powerpoint description of the situation :

The images are not really useful, but if someone is interested by the document, I can send it.

As my body is really corroded, I would like the job to be done by a professional.

So I visited a body repairman 2weeks ago. He's working on classic cars. I saw his workshop, full of cars from 30's to 80's (he just received a Mercedes Pagode body from Hamburg).

We agreed about the way to work together. As i want to lower the price as much as possible, I will do by myself the most I can do.

I think to remove the most parts I can, remove the body from the chassis and he'll bring it to his workshop with his lorry.

As he's really close to where I live, this will be helpfull to see what he's doing on it!!

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