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Looking for the One (Part 2)

SowsPosted by gduhem Sat, May 17, 2008 14:26:51

As I previously described, I used the wwweb for searching a Volvo Raptgbil 915 TP21. I found an other one in Germany, on This one was located near Hamburg. I contacted the owner, Marcus Tjaden. He bought a TP21 in sad condition but completely rebuilt it. He was very nice and sent me a CD-rom including pictures (as he bought it, repaired and rebuilt it) and even movies!!! This was very impressive to see the Sugga in cross country condition. He asked 10 000€. According to the job done on it, this seemed to be interesting. Sadly, he sold it few days before I could have gone to Hamburg… That’s life smiley

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In the same time, Andrew repaired the engine of the #590. I decided therefore to go to Newcastle a second time. This was great, because this allowed me to spent few days discovering Newcastle, the region (Hadrian ’s Wall) and participate in a beer festival!!! smiley

After considering the condition of Andrew’s Sugga and all the details of the car, I decided to buy it and then became mine!! smiley

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looking for the One (Part 1)

SowsPosted by gduhem Tue, May 06, 2008 23:40:15

After having discovered the brand Volvo and the type TP21 Sugga, I began to look for one, without haste, and while learning more about the Sugga, with the help of some websites including the one of Morten smiley

This helped me to know more about the engine, the body, radios, etc... to imagine this and to give me tips for evaluating the condition of the car I could find.

I searched on the web for classic cars sites. I found on the first one. Located in France!! this was a good news, due to the registration card I expected to be hard to have from the french administration...

The owner, Bart Slager, had several military cars and trucks and decided to sale its Sugga due to the lack of space. He welcomed me and described me his Sugga (#508), the way he imported it, drove it and the care it needed. this was the first time I heard an ED engine running, smooth. This is a good souvenir. He asked too much for his TP21, 15000€, but it was registered.

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The second one I found was in located in the North of the UK, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I found it on I found the address of the owner, Andrew Hills, with the help of the TP21 registry on I contacted him, described me the car and the problem he had : connecting rod and piston broken!

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Even with this problem, I decided to see this one. This was the #590, and finally became mine, one year after, and after Andrew repared the engine!! Sadely this was not good fixed and problems occured after: this is something I'll describe in the "Mechanics" category. May be these problems wouldn't have occured but as I'm a rookie, I made mistakes...

I thank him because he very welcomed me with his wife and his little Ashleigh. The second time I went to Newcastle, he even spend time with me to describe the country where they live (adrian's wall, ...) That was very nice from him!!

To be continued...

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Discovering the Volvo Raptgbil 915 Sugga

SowsPosted by gduhem Fri, April 25, 2008 19:07:17

The Sugga is not well known in France. In fact it seems only 4 or 5 cars including mine are in France. Very few (microscopic) Suggor when we consider the American classic military cars such as Dodge, Jeep,... we can find in exhibitions.

The way I discovered the Sugga is a little bit strange or amazing.

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The first time I saw the Sugga was in a video in the 1996 (Damn! I thought this was in the 80’s!). This was a video clip of the pop group Republica for the single “Ready to go”. The English version of the video included flashes of a car, 4WD with a strange body (rounded shape at the rear and straight lines in he front)I must say these flashes impressed my eyes and I never forgot them!! smiley (the singer too... smiley)

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Few years after, reading a French magazine about classic cars, I found and recognize immediately the One. This one (with a white body) was sold in auction in Paris, 20 000€ and this let me know the One was built by Volvo, but without any other information.

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Then happily arrived the WWWeb in my life!! smiley And as for everyone, this helped me to discover the name of the car and to finally begin to look for one.

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SowsPosted by gduhem Wed, April 23, 2008 20:59:55

Hello Everyone,

After 2 years, at last, I asked Morten to create a blog, according to my Sugga, the #590 :

Blog Image

Blog Image

As Morten did, Here I am, in front of the One I looked 2 years for and finaly found in the UK. This picture was shot on July 2006, two years ago now... smiley

If I well count, 4 years since I discovered the Sugga, but the story is longer too. I'll try to explain it as well, and describe my Sugga too!

See you all!! smiley

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