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Christmas gift from a friend

Bought partsPosted by gduhem Mon, April 18, 2011 22:20:59

My friend Alex sent to me for Christmas a nice gift : 2 back lights, from Hella :

My backlights are not genuine parts

These will be helpful for having my Sugga as original :

Really nice gift!!

Thanks a lot my friend smiley

And at last, the real pleasure of the gift, a beautiful drawing from his kids!

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brakes to be repaired...

MechanicsPosted by gduhem Sun, January 23, 2011 00:26:00

I discovered during this summer a "new" problem, not so new as this could be guessed by looking at the wheels and axles: a brake fluid leakage...

Something quite serious, as the brake fluid tank was completely empty.

I decided to translate the information about brakes in the user manual and service book. bought some parts (brake fluid DOT4, brake cups for master brake cylinder and wheel cylinders), all this to prepare the repair.

I found the parts from These can be seen on the "bought parts" pages.

Well, I (at last) put the car on 4 jack stands (useful for the care of the tyres), and to check.

to remove the parts was really easy. I didn't expect so.

the wheel cylinder is oily... Not really good...

but the upper brake cylinder seems in good shape:

but the friction lining is oily...

And the lower brake cylinder is really leaking...

The next step is to do the same for the other wheels. To be continued so...

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spare parts

Bought partsPosted by gduhem Sun, November 21, 2010 23:01:28

Here are some parts I have. some new, some used ones:

Clutch Pressure Plate/lamellbelägg: 2 plates required. Bought from

Läderskydd VP 67015. Bought from

joint for steering gear-box/tätning VP37043. Bought from

Oil seal for rear axle/tätningsring VP114228. Bought from

Oil seal for axle/tätningsring VP114267. Bought from

Oil seal for axle/tätningsring VP114268. Bought from

Exhaust joints: content Asbestos. Bought from

muffler/ljuddämpare. Bought from

Carburator repair kit. Bought from

Spare rings for Volvo ED Engine/Kolv. Bought from

exhaust valves/Utlopsventil. VP 61988. Bought from

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Mt920 Fixation plate

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Mon, March 22, 2010 18:40:30

This is not the radio equipment I 'm speaking about, but the fixation mount in the middle of the front seats.

Laci Horvath, owner of a Sugga, of course, asked me to describe this plate. I made drawings and pictures, helpful to build one. See here under.

Drawings :

Example of pictures

Scanned radio data sheet on the plate :

If you're interested in, please ask by Email. The file in 75Mo.

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Found on the web!!

Story of #590Posted by gduhem Wed, January 20, 2010 22:21:47

I found on the web pictures of other Suggas, and, by chance, mine!!!

I don't know when and where in the past but here's the picture :

This was far in the past. As I know the registration plate seems to be the first given to my Sugga as it arrived in the UK!

And, for whose interested, the link to the site :

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Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Mon, October 05, 2009 13:39:36

Following my meeting with Mats, I put and screwed all the devices (holder, transformer Omf102) and the Ra122 inside the radio compartment.

The results is here. Nice, isn't it?

The next step is to install the 40V voltmeter in the middle of the table...

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Rust, rust, rust...

BodyPosted by gduhem Sun, October 04, 2009 22:11:11

Sad faith for metal : to rust when it's not well maintained...

Few week-ends ago I took pictures of the body of my Sugga. Painful for me smiley, but necessary for the project to repair it! smiley

I made a small powerpoint description of the situation :

The images are not really useful, but if someone is interested by the document, I can send it.

As my body is really corroded, I would like the job to be done by a professional.

So I visited a body repairman 2weeks ago. He's working on classic cars. I saw his workshop, full of cars from 30's to 80's (he just received a Mercedes Pagode body from Hamburg).

We agreed about the way to work together. As i want to lower the price as much as possible, I will do by myself the most I can do.

I think to remove the most parts I can, remove the body from the chassis and he'll bring it to his workshop with his lorry.

As he's really close to where I live, this will be helpfull to see what he's doing on it!!

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Mt920 Mount

Radio EquipmentPosted by gduhem Sun, October 04, 2009 21:51:09

With the help of Jonas BEAUSANG, a Suggor owner (he has two cars), I have a Mt920 mount.

Thanks a lot for his help smiley, because this mount is really difficult to find. This part seems to be oftenly scrapped, considered to be unuseful if you don't want a Sugga looking as used in the Swedish Army.

Well, this is past now and I finally put it, with the Mt920 I bought from, inside my Sugga.

The next step will be to add a 12V battery because my Mt920 has to be supplied with 24V.

To be continued... smiley

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