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Looking for the One (Part 2)

SowsPosted by gduhem Sat, May 17, 2008 14:26:51

As I previously described, I used the wwweb for searching a Volvo Raptgbil 915 TP21. I found an other one in Germany, on This one was located near Hamburg. I contacted the owner, Marcus Tjaden. He bought a TP21 in sad condition but completely rebuilt it. He was very nice and sent me a CD-rom including pictures (as he bought it, repaired and rebuilt it) and even movies!!! This was very impressive to see the Sugga in cross country condition. He asked 10 000€. According to the job done on it, this seemed to be interesting. Sadly, he sold it few days before I could have gone to Hamburg… That’s life smiley

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In the same time, Andrew repaired the engine of the #590. I decided therefore to go to Newcastle a second time. This was great, because this allowed me to spent few days discovering Newcastle, the region (Hadrian ’s Wall) and participate in a beer festival!!! smiley

After considering the condition of Andrew’s Sugga and all the details of the car, I decided to buy it and then became mine!! smiley

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